What Is My Most Important Skill That I Can Use in Starting My Business This Year?

After much hard work, it is now almost the end of my course in Business One. A few more lessons and then I will be finally finished. I’ve learned a lot so far about building a successful business from the ground up, and this week I was asked “What is my most important skill that I can use in starting my own business this year?”.

Well, for starters the business I wish to have one day I won’t be able to start this year nor the next. It will take me about three years to start it. There are several goals that I have to complete in order to for me to begin my business. First I have to receive my black belt in Taekwdono. Secondly, graduate from highschool.  Lastly, it’s not necessary, but I believe it would help me understand how to deal with finances, I wish get a degree in Business Accounting. I have a lot work ahead of me and don’t wish to add more by starting a small business before I start my main one, but I do know one skill that I have learned in my Business course that will help me begin my business down the road, which is the skill of salesmanship.

Most salesmen today are not taught how to sell their products the right way. They are told that they need to be over enthusiastic, persuade people to buy what they don’t want or really need, have an extroverted personality, and be an extremely smooth talker, but you don’t need to be any of these things to sell something. The best way to sell any of your products is to follow this three part formula. This formula is not hard to follow but extremely simple, and you may be doing these exact same things anyway.

The first part is to listen. Ask the customer what motivates him, hear him out and show interest in what he is saying. People like to talk about their jobs, family and goals, but not a lot folks will stop and listen to him/her, so be that listener. Therefore by doing this you will find a product your customer may need that will help him with whatever he is doing.

The second part is to agree with your customer. After you have listened to him/her, Make sure of what they told you, summarize what he/she said in your own words, and then agree with them. You don’t want to make the mistake and accidentally misunderstand what they are saying. It could lead you to ask them to buy a product they don’t wish to buy.

The third and last part of the formula for selling your product is make a suggestion that will help your customer accomplish what he wants to do. By doing this you are serving the customer, which will produce a sale. Forcing a customer to buy something is the hard way to sell your products. Serving the customer what he/she wants is the best route to go because then your customer will be actually willing to buy from you and will do more business with you as well.

One day I do want to create my own business. At the moment though, it is not possible. Maybe once I have finished the Business two course I will be ready to start my business.

Business Lesson 170, 9th grade essay.

P.S. If there is anything that needs to be corrected, please feel free to tell me and I’l be happy to fix it! Also, tips on how I can improve my writing would be greatly appreciated!






2 thoughts on “What Is My Most Important Skill That I Can Use in Starting My Business This Year?

  1. You did say: “be that that listener.” And you put one full stop mark too much before the it in paragraph 5. But other than that, it was great!

    What kind of a business are you planning to start?


    1. Yeah, I saw that. There’s also a few other mistakes as well. Thanks for pointing it out!

      I want to start a Christian Taekwondo course. I love sports and taekwondo, but there are not hardly any Christian courses you can take on it, so I want to fill the gap and provide that. If I do become a missionary, I want to teach women and girls in other countries how to defend themselves. It’s super important now a days.

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