Procrastination Kills

Ever wondered what stops you from doing something you know you need to get done? Have you ever felt that pushing feeling that pulls you back from work that is piling sky-high? Without a doubt it’s Procrastination that kills us and drags us away from being productive. Procrastination is something we all do but it kills whatever it touches.

Procrastination can kill your business and can harm many areas. First off your employees will start making up excuses as to why they didn’t finish their task. Also, you, as the boss, will keep putting things off, and never get around to doing them. Eventually, production of the products you sell will come to a halt or a slow-down and your business will start to crumble. Certainly, procrastination in a business is definitely something you don’t want creeping in.

Procrastination not only kills the business but also your school work. For starters, it kills fully understanding your subjects . For example, when you put off something until the last minute, you have to rush to get it completed, therefore it is a rushed job and a rushed job is a job not well-done. Secondly,  procrastination kills your ability to receive a good grade on a test. If you procrastinate on studying for the test and never finish studying in time, you will not get very good grades unless you’re a total genius. Thirdly, procrastination kills your ability to do more lessons. If you take forever to complete one lesson, then you will not have enough time to complete another days work in one day. Lastly, procrastination kills your overall school day. When you keep putting off school assignments until there is an overwhelming amount, then your day is going to be stressful, which leads to being miserable and grumpy. Procrastination is the worst especially where school is concerned.

Also Procrastination kills your daily life. It kills your relationship with your friends. If you told your friends that you would do something but never do it, then you just lost some of their trust in you. Now if it couldn’t be helped, then that’s fine, but most of the time that’s not the case. Procrastination also kills your relationship with your family. If you keep procrastinating on doing your share of the chores, then the house could start smelling and piles of dirt, clothes, or toys will be lying everywhere, and I’m sure nobody likes living in a messy house. Thirdly, procrastination kills your productivity. You don’t want people calling you lazy. Lastly, it kills a happy life. When nothing is getting done and everything is a mess, no one is going to be happy including you.

Conclusively,  procrastination is a very dangerous character trait. It kills almost everything we put our hands to. We would be better off without it and do everything as if God asked us to. Collisions 3: 23, “And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;”.

Business Lesson 150, 9th grade essay.


51 thoughts on “Procrastination Kills

                  1. Also my thing says you posted it 53 minutes ago, but six minutes ago you said you posted it a minute ago. And I only got notified of it about seven minutes ago.



                    1. Yeah I’m not sure. Right when my browser notification told me you posted, I went on to the message bell and read it, (it didn’t take very long) Then I commented because I liked it. (Not ‘Like’d it, although I did that too. xD)



                    2. Sorta, yeah, xD. If you could not tell, there was some words missing and some misspellings. This happens to me a lot, so if you spot anything that needs to be corrected, please let me know.


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