Liebster Award!

Hello everyone! It's been awhile since I have done one of these, so I may be a little rusty. However, despite that, I hope you enjoy it! Thank you, Ebony, for nominating me! You can check our her blog here: Rules: Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.Answer … Continue reading Liebster Award!

Does the State Have the Right to Redistribute Wealth?

Redistribution, a part of the welfare state, has weaved itself into our daily lives. With it's greedy gnarled hands, it grabs hold of the citizens of the United States and violently shakes every penny it can out of them. Those who are not touched by the hands of redistribution, are directly connected to the crowd … Continue reading Does the State Have the Right to Redistribute Wealth?

The Remnant!

About one hundred fifty-one years ago, a man child was born -- a man who would become an influential figure in the libertarian movement of the 20th century. Albert J. Nock was born on October 13, 1870 in Scranton Pennsylvanian. However, before becoming an American libertarian author and editor, interestingly, Albert had been an Episcopal … Continue reading The Remnant!

The Welfare System Creates Irresponsible Brats

The opposite term for irresponsible, is, obviously, responsible. Responsibility, however, has three different meanings. Each definition can stand alone from one another. But! In this particular composition of sentences and paragraphs, I would like you, my readers, to combine the three into one complete definition of responsibility. Afterwards, you can separate them in whichever way … Continue reading The Welfare System Creates Irresponsible Brats